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Hillside Veterinary Clinic provides a full range of pet care services including:

Checkups & Preventive Health Care

Bringing your pet in for routine exams and vaccinations can help detect health problems before they develop as well as help prevent future health issues.

Heartworm Prevention & Vaccinations

Maintaining a regular vaccination schedule and heartworm preventative is an important responsibility of every pet owner.

Dental Services

Does your pet have bad breath or dental issues?  We provide dental cleanings to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Surgical Services

We are able to provide state of the art care. All surgical patients receive anesthetic monitoring including EKG, pulse oximeter, apnea monitoring and full body heat protection.


If you can’t take your pets with you when you travel, don’t worry, we can help.  With our boarding services we ensure your pet will receive the same level of TLC they get while at home.


Regular grooming is the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.  Call today to make an appointment for your pet.

Nutritional & Pharmacy Services

We maintain a fully stocked pharmacy to fill most of your pet’s prescriptions.  We also carry healthy brands such as Hills Science Diet, Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin.

Please note:  No Controlled substances or narcotics may be filled on-line. You must contact our office directly.


Our clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasound unit featuring the latest technology for your cardiac and abdominal ultrasound needs. Dr Feringa was privileged to have studied ultrasound procedures with Steve Ettinger, who is one of the premier cardiologists in the country.